Continental Map

The Lands of Gautria

The Upplands and north of Gautria

Map of Gautria

North Gautria


Timlin and Southern Gautria



2 Replies to “Maps”

  1. Alex


    Just a question…

    Did you create the entire map yourself based off of the stories, or were the stories shaped around a map you found?

    • swordandsorcery99

      Keep the questions coming!

      The continent of Kildare is loosely based on England. (For those who don’t know, my husband is a world history teacher.) The map was started in 1991 as a tool to move our player-characters from the civilized city of Adenbur in the then-Kingdom of Kildare, to Timlin Town in the frontier lands of Gautria. Sometime around the turn of the millennium, we found a program called Campaign Cartographer by Profantasy, and really blew the top off the cartography.

      The map has shaped the stories too, from the invasion of Kildare by Valensia made possible by the vulnerable coastline, to the movements of the orcs intent on claiming fertile Gautrian lands.


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