Sagas of the Gautrian Kings #41- The Crows of Skarken

The dead from the Battle of Skarken River (SGK#40) were not so many as at first feared. The greivously wounded were tended with hemus healing potions, and slowly recovered. Those on their feet set about to looting and burning the orc corpses. Under the direction of their commanders, the more disciplined troops gathered the goods together to be split according to custom. While Kvig Melgarson and the other jarls made plans to break the army for the winter, the bonders demanded their immediate release and payment equal to that of the thanes.

Jarl Kvig came to the commotion and found in favor of the bonders, delivering a full share to those lowly troops and angering some amongst the thanes. Kvig then lead his victorious forces across the river and back to Timlin Town for the feasting!


There were many with favors to ask of the champion Bleddyn after the battle.


One of those who came to Bleddyn’s inn was the giant bonder Halvdan, who told Bleddyn of the Bonders’ Thing. Halvdan sought Bleddyn’s word he would get Jarl Kvig to attend.


The Thing was held at Alnar, the site of Kvig’s first victory over the orcs. Bonders from all clans were present, those from the lands of Timlin as well as those from across the lake. Kvig and his companions came disguised through the camp, and listened to Halvdan call for a king who would not run scared from the orcs, as King Magnus had intended for their armies to do. “The clans of Gautria need a king who will keep the orcs from invading the lands of men,” roared Halvdan. “A king who can lead us in triumphant battle against the orcs. We have such a man who should be our king. The man who defeated Valden the Ruthless at the Battle of Skarken River. The man who has fought to keep our homes safe: Kvig Melgarson!”

With the bonders in a frenzy, Kvig revealed himself. The chants of “King Kvig” began from the crowd, and Kvig felt the full might of the bonders surround him.

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