Fantasy Warriors Urogs vs. Heavy Cavalry

For our second day of Fantasy Warriors gaming our scenario had a small twist: my husband’s orc forces were entirely urogs, whose stats are the same as cavalry. I played as the humans again, with 2 units of heavy cavalry under my command.

The urogs had been raiding in the hinterlands of Timlin so Baron Austerchild Conley has taken to the field to eliminate them. The urogs can win the encounter if at least the leader makes the final sprint across open plain and road into the safety of the forest.


The 2 cavalry units converge on the urogs, with one unit clearly in the lead and probably under attack orders too soon.


The urogs come down from the high ground to meet my charge.



My first unit crashes into the line!



And wins what almost appears a pyrrhic victory, until the second unit of cavalry joins the battle.


Baron Austerchild and his knights succeed in destroying the urog threat and keeping safe his lands.



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