Grunevaldians vs Kildarians in Fantasy Warriors

Earlier that night: Gautrians vs Kildarians

We had our buddy bring an old friend with him for our Saturday night gaming. My husband and the guys played D & D together way back in high school. We were ready to play some Fantasy Warriors on the new-ish tabletop this night. We’ve made some changes and tweaks to the rules, so we needed to see how the units compared before launching epic battles as part of our regular RPG mythos.

My husband put together 4 armies, one for each of us. Our Jarl commanded his Gautrian troops, our guest took the Grunvaldians, while I played as the Kildarian faction, and my husband would have taken the Vangen orcs if we had played that many games.


We each commanded 3 units, 4 heroes, a herald and our battle leaders. For the second game of the night, our guest took the field with his Grunevaldian troops against my Kildarian forces.


Grunevaldian troops: Heroes and leader, 10 Heavy Cavalry
12 Gautrian Guardsmen Heavy Infantry, and 12 Orc Heavy Infantry


Kildarian army: Heroes and leader, 10 Heavy Kildarian Knights,
12 Heavy Infantry, 10 Northmen Light Infantry


The armies arrive


We quickly deployed forces. I kept mine together at the center. The Grunevaldian humans marched against me on my left, while the orcs tried to come around the forested hill on the right. Boyar Theovald’s knights came into quick contact with my infantry, distracting my troops while his Gautrian Guardsmen marched at us over the hill. But is that his Battle Leader Boyar Theovald unprotected in the gap? My Kildarian Knights charge willy-nilly over the edge of the hill and almost reach the Boyar as the Gautrian Guardsmen burst from the trees in answer.

KildareVsGrunevald_077 KildareVsGrunevald_078 KildareVsGrunevald_080

The Gautrian Guardsmen act is if they’ve never seen horses before and are quickly overcome, leaving my knights free to encircle the Grunevaldian cavalry.


The orcs are too slow to aid the Grunevaldians. Boyar Theovald observes this from the safety of the hilltop.


Seeing his best forces decimated, Boyar Theovald flees the field and concedes the final battle of the evening to the Kildarian Battle Leader!


Earlier that night: Gautrians vs Kildarians

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