Skirmish on the Northern Plains

Plains_Battle_Map Some of the League of Nil-ith Horn troops crossed over the mouth of the Torgova river and marched overland in an attempt to link up with the landing parties. King Gorm’s outriders caught one such band as the orcs left the cover of the forest. Plains_Skirmish_02_003 Our second Fantasy Warriors battle of the day (now turned to evening) saw Bleddyn command the riders, supported by a unit of heavy  infantry, and a unit of ulfhednar: light infantry with fast movement.

Graf Stukkin led the Nil-ith Horn orcs with their own heavy unit, 2 units of Vangen orc heavy infantry and 2 urog heroes. Plains_Skirmish_02_004Bleddyn brought his ulfhednar across the field and through the trees, and engaged the League of Nil-ith Horn unit. Plains_Skirmish_02_006The urogs attacked the horsemen, while the battle leader Graf Stukkin joined with the heavy infantry of valdgraf and continued to close with the humans. Plains_Skirmish_02_005The fighting was fierce and bloody, as the valdgraf heavy infantry joined the 2 urogs in their slaughter of the cavalry.

Bleddyn’s ulfhednar routed the League orc unit and sprinted to attack the remaining orcs. Blows were dealt back and forth.

Only the orc leader and the human bannnerman remained. They each got a saving throw. Plains_Skirmish_02_012The bloodbath came down to the last dice roll. Would anyone walk away from this battlefield? Plains_Skirmish_02_014The lone bannerman would! Bleddyn made his save and assured the people of North Gautria would be safe from these wretched orcs. Plains_Skirmish_02_015

Kingdom Under SiegeKingdom Under Siege

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