Human Bannerman

In the quest to play Fantasy Warriors, we have a few more units to flesh out. The current need are human bannermen to match the orcs my husband recently converted. After combing the cases we came up with a few suitable specimens including this fellow which will make an easy mod to a bannerman:


Take a deep breath if you recognize him and understand, I’ve not painted him in almost 20 years, I’m never going to display him painted like Olbar Mountain Tall, and it’s OK. He’s sacrificing his identity for the glorious cause of Fantasy Warriors! And he’ll make a great bondi bannerman on Saturday nights.


My husband did a nice job filing that left boot that was attached to the spear. Then he drilled through the hand so he could keep the fantastic detail Julie Guthrie sculpts.

Ol’ Olbar needs a flag and some primer next.


The last priming step we do is blackwashing the mini.


Next he gets a base coat of flesh, followed by a darker flesh wash.


Then the broad details are painted with base color and the flesh is trimmed up with black.


This figure has some nicely detailed facial hair! Smaller features are painted in with their base coat.



The final highlights and smallest details are finished last. Swap his cardboard working base for a wooden one, and he’s ready to  play Fantasy Warriors!


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    • SwordAndSorceryRPG

      Thanks Alex! He is Olbar Mountain-Tall from the epic comic creation “ElfQuest” by Wendy and Richard Pini. They were the first graphic novels I ever read.

      The miniature is sculpted by the extremely talented Julie Guthrie. If you look through our collection you’ll be able to spot out the Guthries.She has a very distinctive style.


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