First Fantasy Warriors Weekend

For our first scenario, husband against wife, we simply had humans against orcs and urogs, who would win the field?

My husband took the orcs. The orc faction had 1 unit of urogs, whose stats mirror cavalry, 2 elite units, 1 veteran unit, a warchief, a hero, and every standard bearer we could muster.


I played as the humans. We had set up for our friend to command half of the human forces, but he had to leave after a couple rounds. At the start we had 1 cavalry unit, 2 veteran medium armor/shielded infantry units, 1 veteran light armor w/ shields,  standard bearers, heralds, a warchief and 2 heroes.


Let’s form up and go!


The first thing you might notice if you’re familiar with Fantasy Warriors is that we deployed on the short sides of the table, as opposed to the long sides as specified in the rule book. This was for a couple of reasons, but mostly because we want to be able to use the enormous space we have with many more units and needed to see how the movement played out over the large-scale battlefield. (Our miniatures and scenarios need flexibility to work with our role-playing game, which we hope to incorporate Fantasy Warriors into.)


The orcs move in position to hold the hilltop, while my cavalry tries to shoot the gap and come around.


But my poor measuring brings the cavalry into contact with the wrong unit, allowing my husband’s elite valdgrafs to wheel about and attack…


…almost entirely wiping out my knights and routing the 3 that lived.


Husband’s urogs closed with my bondi veterans and decimated them.


My forces put up a brave front, managing to inflict some casualties and routing one orc unit.


But in the end the orcs were just too strong, and sent the human survivors fleeing to the hills.



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