Orc Bannermen

After many years of painting, a gift of “gray stuff” 2-part epoxy by ProCreate allowed my husband to start modding more than weapons and casualties.

We had one Fantasy Warrior Battle Orcs Bannerman that I loved, and my husband had made paper standards for some factions that worked well on the tabletop, so I requested more orc bannermen.

The fellow on the left had some sort of spear that we’ve spent the last 20-odd years fixing. The two orcs on the right are sculpted by Nick Lund, and acqiured from Mirliton in Italy. I’ve always thoroughly enjoyed painting the Lunds, and these two were perfect for banners.


After taking file and dremmel to them, the banner skeletons were easy enough to make with thin dowels.


We used skulls from Hero’s Quest, and then draped the banners in place.


And here are the orcs, ready to reclaim their territory.


To Battle!

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    • SwordAndSorceryRPG Post author

      Thanks, I’m glad you’re enjoying the site! Most of the minis are based on balsa wood disks, sanded and painted to match the table top. As you can see from all the pictures, many different ages play with the figures and they are handled extensively. The balsa gives good stability, is relatively cheap for the amount needed, and is easy to paint.


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