Adventures of the Offspring

We promised all 3 of our children that once they learned how to read they could game with us. Turns out they could all read at around 4 years old, so we had to push that original date back a bit. When we did run their first game they were 4, 7 and 11. Admittedly, the 4 year old was off on his own most of the time after examining the model of the keep (“Daddy, where do the soldiers poop?”). Our best friend’s 11 year old daughter was playing as well and they had a blast finally joining the gaming ranks.

Two years later, our oldest ran their own games! Our daughter (far right) played in  a world of her own design with friends.

KidsDnD01My daughter has another group with different friends that plays a concurrent storyline with our main characters. The 14 year old girls were very excited to see the outcome of our A Lady A Day challenge!

Our son started his own campaign with his brother and a friend, using our map but set far away from where the grown-ups play. He has a blog about it.

The boys also played with the 2 sons, ages 6 and 8, of a friend and player. It took my husband and I both to keep that game running smoothly!


Most recently, our eldest son and his friend had Dad run a game for them. Check out Kilasaar and the Tomb of Freya.

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  1. Alex

    Sorry, but the post about “one, lucky guy” is just too much… Lol 🙂
    Hopefully Clan Modrak will resume soon!


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