Kilasaar and the Tomb of Freya

Our eldest son asked Teshub to run a game for him. The previous day our son had set up a Gautrian encampment


and put the decor in the tomb for his sister’s adventure. It seemed only right that he and his friend should get to explore the depths of Freya’s Tomb.

They were given character sheets, and a tablefull of minis to choose from. Our son played Kilasaar, a heavy infantry soldier with sword, shield, armor, and helm. His friend played Wulv, a bearskin-clad barbarian wielding a two-handed axe.

The clans were troubled by a band of orcs who had taken up residence in the sacred tomb of Freya. They decided to pick two of the bravest, strongest warriors to slay the orcs. Kilasaar and Wulv had to prove themselves in combat against each other before they could receive the priest’s blessing for their journey.


The young men faced each other with wooden weapons and no armor. The combat went back and forth.The first round was won by Wulv and his mighty strikes. The second was won by Kilasaar, as he fought off Wulv’s blows with his shield. However, Wulv’s two-handed swings were too much for Kilasaar to withstand for long. Wulv knocked out Kilassar and won the third round. The priest declared them both worthy to act for the clan and rid Freya’s Tomb of the orcs, and rewarded them with several potions.

There was much excitement from the warriors when they arrived at Freya’s Tomb.



While they were making their plan, Kilasaar and Wulv were joined by the priest from their clan. The priest sent the warriors ahead to sneak up the stairs cut into the smooth rock. A huge snake lay in wait for them on the top ledge. Kilasaar quietly sliced the snake in half. The young warriors climbed up the last few feet and tried to surprise the orcs there. They weren’t quiet enough, and the orcs both came to investigate the noise.


Kilasaar and Wulv slew the orcs, then the priest healed the warriors, and sent them into the tomb.


The warriors entered the tomb. Barrels and bags were stacked about the room. Wulv and Kilasaar began to loot the supplies. While their attention was diverted, a troll attacked Wulv. He and Kilasaar bravely slew the troll. The priest returned. He was very excited to see they had defeated such a monster. After the priest tended their wounds, Wulv pried the gemstones from the eyes of the orc statue.


Wulv led the way down the stairs. Kilasaar followed close behind. Once they reached the bottom, they heard something slither in the corridor around the corner.


Wulv and Kilasaar stepped into the corridor and stared into the many eyes of a five-headed hydra!

Kilasaar_0087webLuckily, it was a rather clumsy hydra and none of its five heads could hit the warriors. Kilasaar and Wulv brought the creature down.

They moved quietly around the corners and into an open room. With their keen eyes, Kilasaar and Wulv spotted something swimming in the waters below. They also spotted a narrow ledge they could carefully walk along.

trollwebSlowly but surely, the warriors crossed over the menacing monster. The priest joined them on the other side. The three humans peered through the tunnel into a large cavern.

There was a hideous fire-idol on a dais to the right. An orc-mage stood in front of the idol, surrounded by an acolyte, an apprentice and several guards.


The human priest promised to occupy the orc-mage with his magics while Kilasaar and Wulv attacked him. The human warriors crept near the dais, while the human priest slipped off to the left.

Kilasaar and Wulv heard the orc-mage scream, and saw a giant red snake spitting at the orc-mage. They jumped to the platform and grappled the closest orc. Kilasaar and Wulv together overpowered the orc and threw him into the waters.


The warriors grabbed a second orc, and tossed him to the monster as well. Wulv then took the orc-mage down. Kilasaar dealt with the acolyte, and the apprentice cast a spell and flew away.

The remaining orcs fell to the mighty warriors Kilasaar and Wulv as they bravely removed the orcs from the depths of Freya’s Tomb.

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