Made with Minis Comic: SGK #12- Lords Of Timlin

Lords of Timlin is the telling of a fantastic evening of gaming. Our gamemaster, my husband, created an exciting, free-flowing scenario for our group which had been playing together for a handful of adventures. Even though our characters were split apart almost right away, we three players were completely engaged in the entire story.

That night, I knew I had to find a way to show how we play, from our miniatures to our role-play.  One day, the photography made it all click, and this comic was born.

Enjoy the telling!



.cbz files:

  1. Lords of Timlin issue 1 (3.6 MB)
  2. Lords of Timlin issue 2 (3.6 MB)
  3. Lords of Timlin issue 3 (3.5 MB)
  4. Lords of Timlin all 24 pages (11 MB)




4 Replies to “Made with Minis Comic: SGK #12- Lords Of Timlin”

  1. Little Odo

    Fantastic write-up as usual – a great comic for an excellent scenario. I was just wondering if you will be doing any more? I know it most likely takes an age to put together but it is such an inspiration to read.

    I am now considering a massive scale miniatures game like yours (as mentioned on LAF) based in my imaginary ante-diluvian world of Doggerland. I already play e-pbm games based in that world and the occasional fantasy RPG scenario, but a tactical wargame with RPG elements thrown in would be great. Mirliton will be paid a visit when I next get paid to pick up some of those Nick Lund orcs. Seeing how well you have painted yours though, I can’t think of a colour scheme that would suit that you haven’t already used – you have almost made that range yours with your vision.

    Keep up the good work. 🙂

    • SwordAndSorceryRPG Post author

      Thanks very much, Little Odo! I plan to do many more comics, and will be putting out at least one new issue over the summer. “Lords of Timlin” was a wild ride in its execution and I’m glad to hear how you enjoyed it.

      The massive amounts of minis we use make it so easy to slip into character and role-play. Think big and play small we call it. I’ll be looking forward to seeing how you bring your varied elements together with your minis.

      As for the Nick Lund orcs, we often had the eerie feeling he had sculpted those just for our campaign. 🙂 I’d like to see what you do with them; I found them a lot of fun to paint.

      Thanks for all your encouragement!


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