Caravan Wagons

Caravan Wagons

We wanted to explore trade and transport in the lands of Gautria, so my husband began plotting a Caravan Campaign.

Before we could start our travels in North Gautria, we would need wagons.

These were mostly constructed with balsa wood. My husband made a few rough sketches and started building.

My character, as the caravan leader and primary financial backer, got the fancy wooden carriage. This wagon came complete with locking door and attached chests.

The other merchants’ wagons were constructed of balsa beds, with canopies of glue-dipped packing paper draped on wire frames.

All of the tops come off, and various cargoes can fit inside.

Orc Temple

“What does a Great Northern Orc Temple look like?”

That question was asked at the crafting counter one fateful day. Those type of questions usually result in a hobbying frenzy and output of newly-actualized factions or architectural style. This question was no exception to the tool.


Orc City Dwellings

After construction on both the Great Northern Orc Temple and Orc Hall was complete, the workers and lesser chiefs got housing as well. 

Sagas of the Gautrian Kings #53 – Battle of Hellgate Pass

King Kvig led his army to victory over the Varak orcs who had appropriated the mines of Hellgate from Kvig’s vassal Vestar Vastar. (Sagas of the Gautrian Kings #52- The Battle for Hellgate Mines). Kvig now had to decide who to install as jarl over the newly-recovered mines.


The Kildarian knight Baron Vulmar was outspoken, “We Kildarians have won many battles for you, King Kvig. Vestar has wasted the lives of many warriors and many more miners. Give me the mines and let Kildarian expertise get you rich! I will have these mines spilling forth silver the Vastars’ couldn’t even imagine.”

Vestar Vastar was enraged. “Generations of Vastar blood have paid for Hellgate silver! My clan has fought the Varak orcs time and again. These are my lands by right!”

Kvig surveyed Vestar and his many injured and poorly-armored bonders. Then King Kvig looked to Baron Vulmar and the Kilarians. The elite knights stood tall in their bloodied chainmail. It seemed an easy decision.

“Baron Vulmar shall have Hellgate mines and the keep at Sigivald Hold,” announced Kvig. “Any of Clan Vastar who wish to stay will be given positions defending the lands, or working the mines.”

“Odin curse you, Kvig Melgarson!” exclaimed Vestar. “You and your witch-queen have brought my son to death’s door and cheated my clan. I will have repayment for all your wrongs.” Vestar Vastar gathered a few loyal men and left Sigivald Hold.

Sigivald Hold, ruled by Vestar Vastar.

As the rest of the warriors of Clan Vastar prepared for battle, Bleddyn’s ulfhednar scouts brought a respected adversary to him. Bjorn the Mighty (Sagas of the Gautrian Kings #50- Sword and Sorcery) had come to fight against the orcs. Bjorn looked to show his gratitude for the mercy Kvig and Bleddyn showed him (Sagas of the Gautrian Kings #51- The Warbringer).

“The orcs gather at Hellgate Pass. I have brought my men and those of my kin who would join you and push the orcs back into the mountains,” said Bjorn. “Bleddyn, take my brothers among your ulfhednar.”

Bjorn introduced his cousin Karlsefni. Karlsefni had been a slave to the Varak orcs in the west.

“The Varak orcs look to reclaim these lands on the lake,” said Karlsefni. “We have tracked a new group through Hellgate Pass. They scream for blood, King Kvig, and they are coming with a War-God.”

“War-God?” asked Kvig.

“You will see on the battlefield,” answered Karlsefni.

King Kvig, Bleddyn and Wynston marched their troops to Hellgate Pass, and saw the orcs there ready for battle.

Several wild orcs with javelins populated the jagged cliffsides.

Scores more orcs assembled in tight formations, blocking the road through the pass.

King Kvig’s men responded in kind, spreading their forces in a long line across the pass.


The War-God stood before the orcs and bellowed to his troops.

The heavy infantry of the Gautrian army trudged into the pass.

The speedy ulfhednar and mounted knights sprinted across the gap.

The War-God held his ranks in check.

King Kvig, Wynston, and Bleddyn charged the two-headed War-God with uncanny speed.

Wynston’s picked men ran up the hill in pursuit of the wild orcs and shaman.

The shielded orcs lined up against the human cavalry on one flank, and the heavy infantry on the other.

The War-God held fast in the center against King Kvig, Wynston, and Bleddyn.

The Gautrians’ left flank was pushed hard by the armored orcs.

But it was not enough to threaten the integrity of Kvig’s line.

The unarmored orcs fell to the ulfhednar on the human’s right flank.

The wild orcs all routed, or were slain. The last kill was up to Wynston, Kvig and Bleddyn.

Soon, all that remained of the War-God were two severed heads waiting to be tied to Kvig’s saddle.

“They will return from their side of the mountains, King Kvig,” said Karlsefni. “You cut through their War-God in this battle, but the Varaks will send more fighters. On the other side of Hellgate pass lies their fortress of Langar. They have many of my people enslaved in that compound. Lead us there King Kvig, Orc-Slayer, and we will destroy their stronghold and keep the Varak orcs from returning to Gautria!”

Kvig thought for the briefest of moments before turning to his champion Bleddyn and minister Wynston. “There is only one way to push the orcs out of our lands. We must take the fight to them! To Langar!”

What will King Kvig find through Hellgate Pass? Will the Varak orcs fall before the advancing North Gautrian army? The adventures continue…

Sagas of the Gautrian Kings #42- King of the Bonders


After the bonders had their voices heard in declaration for Kvig as king, many a man boasted of Kvig’s glorious battle deeds. Eventually, Kvig retired to the large tent with Halvdan, Roth, and a few of the other important bondi when word was brought of betrayal: a small group of the bonders from King Magnus’ clan were looking to make away in the night to warn the King of Kvig’s “treason”.

Wynston and Bleddyn quickly arrived behind the tent of the treacherous bonders to find several packing their belongings. Halvdan and Kvig approached from the front and accused Steinvar of Aremark. He spoke for the bonders from the King’s clan and admitted their plans, but no wrongdoing. He argued they were within their rights to leave out of duty to the true king. While he confronted Kvig, two of his men tried to slip out of the tent and into the stormy night. One evaded Wynston but Bleddyn captured, interrogated and slew the other.

With 10 traitorous bonders in his custody, Kvig and the bonders from Kvig’s fief of Strek returned to that village.


There was, as always, a warm welcome for Kvig from the adoring peasants of Strek. His wife-in-Strek was especially happy for him to see his young daughter.


As the village feasted, orc deserters from the Untak division of Valden’s army (Sagas of the Gautrian Kings #40) sprung an attack.


Kvig and his companions handily defended Strek from the unorganized orcs, and continued the celebrations.

The bonders were eager to fight for Kvig, but next year, after the planting. Kvig seemed content to winter with them, however Wynston argued they needed to garner support now, while their victory at Skarken River was on everyone’s minds.


Wynston knew the jarls north over the lake would likely not give their loyalties to Kvig, but Kvig could still gain political prestige and military advantage if he had the support of Timlin’s many Kildarian knights who had fought under his banner at Skarken River. Wynston went to speak with the powerful Kildarian barons of Timlin, reminding them how Kvig kept the orcs out of their lands, and convincing the barons to come to Kvig in his hall at Strek.

First came Baron Vulmar, lord of Rathus and Herstal, leader of 50 Kildarian knights; he was bought with silver and the promise of the Barony of Timlin when the war was won.

The next baron Kvig courted was Austerchild Conley.


Austerchild felt Kvig’s choice of Vulmar for Baron of Timlin was foolish, but he would support Kvig if Kvig would marry Austerchild’s sister, Etterna.


Kvig declinced the proposition, but countered that he would find Etterna a Kildarian husband of proper station, say Vulmar, the future Baron of Timlin? Austerchild agreed and threw in with Kvig.

Unfortunately for Kvig, his eldest brother Hegg, the current jarl of Timlin, was not consulted on whether he would give up Timlin once all of Gautria was united under King Kvig’s banner! In fact, Hegg thought it was folly to challenge King Magnus. Once Hegg’s spies told him of the meetings going on at Strek, he began to fear for himself. On Hegg’s orders, Reinhard rode on Strek with 30 knights and escorted Kvig back to Timlin.


There Jarl Hegg berated Kvig for his ambitions and promised to deliver him up to King Magnus as a wedding present. Hegg demanded Kvig surrender his keen Thuringian warsword.


After handing over his heirloom sword, Kvig was unceremoniously dumped in the dungeon. That night, Wynston and Bleddyn came on 3 fast horses to the keep at Timlin.


Wynston infiltrated Hegg’s chambers undetected.


However, Bleddyn was discovered in the courtyard. Bleddyn surrendered, unwilling to shed the blood of those men who had fought Valden’s orc forces with him.

Wynston slipped away into the dark, leaving her jarl Kvig and his champion Bleddyn together in the dungeons of Timlin’s keep.

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